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Building Bodies, Changing Lives.

What is The Amazing 12?

Bringing the The Amazing 12 program to Fingal, Co. Dublin!

This is the best body transformation program in the world created by the genius that is Paul McIlroy. This high end program is guaranteed to deliver the best results possible in 12 weeks for your body composition, toning, strength and fitness levels.

The programme consists of a range of exercise methods; you lift weights to get you lean and toned, and we combine this with a mixture of high intensity cardio scaled to your fitness level. This melts body fat and improves your overall fitness so your body gets healthier and stronger. Your mindset improves as part of this overall health upgrade.

Each program begins with an extra 'technique week' to teach you all the exercises and gauge your current level of strength and fitness. You will be coached and supported throughout all of your workouts to ensure you are doing everything safely and making sure you are effectively moving towards your goal of getting in the best shape possible within 12 weeks. Attendance is 5 x 1 hour sessions per week (normally Monday - Friday).

Over the course of the 12 weeks you will learn a lot about exercise and what's best for your body. These skills and knowledge are priceless as you can maintain these habits for life and never have to fear walking into a gym ever again, or ever get lost with training ideas.

IF you have questions or want to hear more about the program or how it fits in with your life click HERE to get in touch

Why Do The Amazing Twelve?

Alter your mindset

We don't just train with you for 12 weeks we change your whole mindset and outlook on life. The changes you make with your first session will stick with you for life.

Who is it for?

The amazing 12 is available for any age, sex, or ability. Your body type, fitness level or current knowledge about fitness and nutrition does not matter.

How do I sign up?

Places are limited so we can't guarantee you a space but you can apply to be a part of the next amazing 12 by clicking HERE

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